Your personal style becomes your living gallery

Curated Life is personal styling and shopping tailored to your needs. Our Lifestylists collaborate with you to craft a collection of style, beauty and décor that matches and elevates your personal aesthetic. So feel your best, without spending the time. 

How It Works


Decide on the perfect subscription that fits your lifestyle needs. 


Connect with your new best friend. Your Lifestylist will want to know both your challenges and goals. 


Choose amazing. We help prioritize your styling opportunities for the next season, or the entire year.

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Choose Your Membership

Your Girl Friday

Simply the Basic.
A small dose of big-style curated and delivered monthly for a selection of pieces that up your style game.


per month
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Your ride or Die

Seasonally Evolved.
A more significant transition of fashion, style and decor that flows with quarterly changes over the year.


per quarter
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Your Soul Sister

We’ve got you for all the things, all the time. 


per year
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