Your Life Curated

Your Curated.Life subscription box is launching in early 2021

Your Curated.Life subscription is a quarterly box delivered full of the instagrammable items you want. Your curation includes custom-tailored items for you that our lifestylists have chosen based on your client intake interview. Anticipate items such as the trendy new necklace style, bespoke scents, self-care treats and on-point fashion pieces. Every quarter you can also browse through The Collective, our curated list of desirables, and further create the subscription box you want.

Unlike other subscription services, Curated.Life boxes feature items that are curated by a team of lifestylists specifically with you in mind.

Your White Glove is an additional service that you can add to your quarterly subscription. This service takes curation to the next level as you will work one-on-one with your Lifestylist to select the perfect party outfit, gift for someone special, décor items for your home or even develop an event!

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