Your Girl Friday Your Ride or Die Your Soul Sister

Simply the Basic. A small dose of big-style curated and delivered monthly for a selection of pieces that up your game.

Seasonally Evolved. A more significant swap of fashion, style and decor that flows with quarterly changes over the year.

We’ve got you for all the things, all the time. 

Frequency Monthly Service Quarterly Service Unlimited Annual
Curated Items 1 - 5 pieces 1 - 20 pieces Unlimited pieces
Communication 2 Way Communication
2 Way Communication
2 Way Communication

Client Pays

$30 Additional for Free Shipping/Returns

Free Shipping and Returns

Curated Fees

20% Fee

20% Fee

15% Fee
Curated Extras

On Call Service

Membership Fee $49.00/month $99.00/quarter $499/year
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